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WordPower - Lite is the ideal solution as you learn to read, say and understand essential Persian vocabulary in just seconds. WordPower - Lite comes with audio recordings of a native Persian speaker and a voice recorder so you can master perfect pronunciation of words and phrases anywhere, anytime. Study at your convenience at times and places that work for you!

It’s not just a Word of the Day app anymore. We received enough feedback to know that Lite needed more! So we injected 200 core words and kept the Word of the Day

Plus, Lite is loaded with exactly the same study features as WordPower Full, so you’ll get a picture perfect idea of what’s waiting for you when you upgrade to full and unlock all 2,000 essential Persian words!
If you're busy on any particular day, just save the word to you own personalized Word Bank to study at your own convenience. No excuses – start learning and speaking Persian today!

How it Works

What makes WordPower - Lite so effective? 6 simple steps.

1. Start speaking Persian with 200+ words including the Word of the Day feature. Each day a new word is automatically updated to WordPower - Lite.
2. Memorize each word as you see it in its native alphabet (Romanization where applicable) and English translation.
3. Listen and learn to properly pronounce the word as you listen again and again to a recording of a native Persian speaker.
4. Record and play back your voice to compare your pronunciation to the native speaker's.
5. Save words and their small audio file to your personal Word Bank to study at a later time.
6. Use the Word Bank flashcard function to test all words in the category and quiz yourself.


WordPower - Lite FEATURES:

- Persian Local List: List of words and phrases exclusively related to Iran and Persian culture
- 200 Words Total: The most common Persian words every beginner should know
- Learn 100+ Persian specific vocabulary with the Persian Top 100 Words list
- All words come with word class and gender
- Word Review by Category: words are grouped by category
- Word Review by Study Courses: words are grouped by difficulty
- Word of the Day added by popular demand
- Listening Practice: hear each word’s proper pronunciation by a native speaker
- Perfect your Pronunciation: record and play back your voice to compare your pronunciation to the native speaker's
- Free Audio Lessons: access the newest audio lessons when you sign up for a Free Lifetime Account within the app
- Personalized Word Bank: save difficult or useful words, with their audio files, to review at any time
- Flashcards: test your knowledge with easy-to-use audio flashcards!
- Word Bank Flashcards: instantly review Word Bank entries in flashcard form
- Custom Flashcard Settings: easily adjust the text size, card order, and question type (recognition, production, audio and visual) to meet your study needs
- Basic Resources: learn everything you need to know with this comprehensive source of Persian learning tips, information and material
- Advanced Search Function: search entire database in English or Persian
- Adjustable Settings: audio flashcards with adjustable settings
- Volume Control: easily adjust volume with slide control
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