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Start speaking from the first lesson with iBooks. Pick up culture as you learn daily conversation the fun way. Audio lessons and lesson notes downloadable and ready for your iPod, iPhone or iPad.

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Learn Czech - Introduction to Czech (Enhanced Version)

Level 1: Lessons 1-25. Want to learn Czech? Take the first step with Introduction to Czech.

Learn Chinese - Lower Intermediate (Enhanced Version) Vol. 2

Level 6: Lessons 1-25. Graduate from Beginner with Lower Intermediate Chinese lessons.

Learn Thai - Absolute Beginner (Enhanced Version) Vol. 2

Level 2: Lessons 1-25. Absolute Beginner Thai grammar, words and conversation you can use right away.

Learn Persian - Absolute Beginner (Enhanced Version)

Level 2: Lessons 1-25. Absolute Beginner Persian grammar, words and conversation you can use right away.

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Learn Korean - Lower Beginner Korean: Volume 1

Level 3: Lessons 1-25. Lower Beginner Korean lessons get you speaking Italian with fun and easy lessons.

Learn Chinese - Level 9: Advanced Chinese (Enhanced Version)

Level 9: Lessons 1-25. Close to fluency? Master Advanced Chinese grammar, conversation, and words!

Learn European Portuguese - Survival Phrases (Enhanced Version)

Learn essential travel phrases, cultural insights and travel tips! Lessons 1-50

Learn Swedish - Advanced Swedish: Volume 1

Level 5: Lessons 1-25. Close to fluency? Master Advanced Swedish grammar, conversation, and words!

Free Books See All >

Kids vs Planets: The Solar System Explained (Enhanced Version)

Give your child an easy to understand introduction to our planetary neighbors and our solar system.

Learn Japanese for Kids: Talking World

Friendly start to the Japanese language made just for kids. Learn 274 practical words through colorful scenarios.

Learn Peruvian Spanish - Word Power 101

Master 101 of the most frequently used Peruvian Spanish vocabulary words!

Kids vs Hebrew: Talking World (Enhanced Version)

Need a reason to jump into Hebrew with your child? With this Audiobook, learning Hebrew has never been easier.
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