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Online Courses and custom content creation available in 34 languages. Offering thousands of high-resolution audio & video lessons from real teachers.

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Motivation and Engagement

Teaching your employees necessary language skills is our top priority; keeping them engaged and motivated takes a close second. Motivation and user engagement have the power to super-charge your company’s learning initiative, or stop it dead in its tracks.

Each language has over 1,000 lessons that include funny, entertaining, and engaging real world dialogues, and innovative learning tools. Detailed and easy to understand lesson notes, customizable word lists, and spaced repetition flashcards let your team focus on the new vocabulary and terms that are most challenging and quickly master them.

Automated reports and goal setting features let your employees set a study goal and work towards it, and display just how much they have mastered in easy to comprehend statistics.

Learning Challenge Groups awaken the competitive and team spirits within your employees to drive them forward. To top it all off, 24/7 access via websites and mobile apps to our massive content library give your employees the power to study what they want, when they want, and how they want.

Assessment and Performance Tracking

Need specific details on your employees’ study progress or would you prefer just a quick overview of basic stats?

Either way, it’s no problem.’s tracking and assessment systems use a combination of real-life teacher assessments and automated testing to dive down deep into your employees’ progress. Get specific data on a employee’s progress to see where improvements can be made, or take a glance at a simple overview of your employees’ study progress to make sure they are on the right track.

Real-World Results

Do you need a solution that teaches COMMUNICATION, not just dry grammar? Our system has been wholly designed to get your employees communicating in the target language from day one.
Our system focuses on real, everyday conversations and crucial culture points to give your employees the ability to communicate effectively from the start.

Getting Started is Super Simple

Your employees are busy, which is why we have made it super easy to get started and continue studying. Set a level and get started learning in just 2 clicks.

Custom-Tailored Lessons

Does your company need supplementary material to support a current on-going language learning initiative? Do you have language needs specific to your industry that you want your employees to focus on?
We have you covered. Get professional content created for any platform, in record time, at an unbeatable price


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