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With weekly content updates, our team is constantly creating new language material so that you get authentic lessons with a fresh point of view.


Innovative Language Learning holds that the ultimate purpose of language learning is communication, and that topics like grammar and vocabulary are only aids to this ultimate goal. Through authentic and lively dialogues, we aim to deliver genuine language lessons from around the world. Our lessons are recorded on-site with native hosts and voice actors, providing a diverse range of voices and dialects to your lessons.

Why offers language learning solutions suitable for any lifestyle. Products range from comprehensive online courses in over 25 languages to convenient mobile applications (over 350 and counting!) and e-books for Kindle, Nook and iPad. Our team of certified language teachers and native-speaking hosts create new content weekly, ensuring you an authentic, modern-day look at language and language learning, no matter your goals or proficiency level.

How to Use Our Product in Your Setting

Private Teachers and Tutors: We're mobile, just like you. Our comprehensive library of practice material and flexible learning system allow you to learn just about anywhere. Access our system from the library, school language lab, at home, or from your tablet!

Small Class Teachers: Motivate Your Students to Fluency

All our lessons and materials are created by teachers just like you, who understand the need for an open forum to share ideas and provide support. Our community of students, teachers and language enthusiasts will keep you motivated and inspired to continue spreading foreign language, wherever you may be.

Large Class Teachers: Educational Discounts for Teachers

With budget cuts affecting K-12 and University Foreign Language Programs around the world, Innovative Language Learning Educational Discounts make it easier for you to do your job, and do it well. Our proven system will provide an edge for your students with free and discounted resources.

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