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Working In Japan

Welcome to Our Tokyo Headquarters! Tradition and Innovation live side-by-side in this world-class city we call home. As the center of Japanese business, finance, modern culture, fashion, and entertainment, Tokyo has something for everyone. Read on to learn more about Life in Japan...


Tokyo is an incredible environment in which to live and work, and Innovative Language Learning is located in the city's heart - a neighborhood called Akasaka, where lunches at world-class, Michelin-rated restaurants can be had for under 10 dollars. Tokyo also offers incredible shopping and some of the most unique and talked-about cultural experiences in the world.

Life Abroad

Innovative Language Learning is also committed to helping you succeed in your life abroad. For all full-time workers, we offer language classes, visa and administrative support, and monthly trips, cultural activities and parties all at no cost to you (see Motoko's blog). Whether or not you speak Japanese, you are welcome to apply. Our staff hails from over 30 countries and offers an endless opportunity for cultural exchange and learning. On top of this, Innovative Language Learning offers a state-assisted insurance and pension program, and covers the cost of your daily commute.

Cultural and Language Immersion

You're interested in coming to Tokyo for a reason. Learning the language and culture are important to you and they're important to us.

We provide:

  • Language classes twice a week with teachers
  • cultural activities, including day trips to attractions both in and outside Tokyo
  • Monthly Japanese culture lessons with staff
  • Parties and gatherings at Japanese restaurants
  • Trips to sporting events (we're particularly close to the Yakult Swallows home field)

For more information, see Motoko's dispatches on Life at Innovative Language Learning.

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"Innovative Language is the kind of company you get excited about working for and you never forget that our real job is to help users reach their language goals." Matt, Video Team