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With your Barnes & Noble Nook, listen to audio lessons and follow along with 200+ pages of transcripts, grammar, and sample sentences with over 6 hours of fresh and unique lessons.

Latest Nook Books

Learn Spanish - Absolute Beginner Spanish: Volume 1

Level 2: Lessons 1-25. Absolute Beginner Spanish grammar, words and conversation you can use right away.

Learn Spanish - Introduction to Spanish: Volume 1

Level 1: Lessons 1-25. Want to learn Spanish? Take the first step with Introduction to Spanish.

Learn Spanish - Complete Spanish (Enhanced Version)

250+ lessons. Complete language lessons from Beginner to Advanced. Go from ZERO to Advanced Spanish!

Learn Russian - Ultimate Getting Started with Russian

The ULTIMATE Russian language starter pack for beginners. Lessons 1-55 with Audio.

Learn Russian - Survival Phrases Russian

Perfect for Travelers! Learn essential travel phrases, cultural insights and travel tips! Lessons 1-60 with Audio.

Learn Russian - Gengo Beginner Russian

Speak conversational Russian in 72 hours or less! Lessons 1-30 with Audio

Learn Russian - Advanced Russian: Volume 1

Level 9: Lessons 1-25. Close to fluency? Master Advanced Russian grammar, conversation, and words!

Learn Russian - Lower Intermediate Russian Vol. 1

Level 6: Lessons 1-25 with Audio. Graduate from Beginner with Lower Intermediate Russian lessons.

Learn Russian - Upper Beginner Russian: Volume 1

Level 5: Lessons 1-25. Get the necessary grammar and phrases to speak Upper Beginner Russian naturally.

Learn Russian - Beginner Russian: Volume 1

Level 4: Lessons 1-25. Beginner Russian teaches you more modern conversation and grammar.
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