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Survival Phrases Thai


Overview is designed to provide world travelers with essential phrases and cultural insight you will not find in a textbook. Our experienced teachers possess the linguistic expertise to help you comprehend the fundamentals of the language and the experience to help you navigate the pitfalls and pleasantries of their respective countries. Survival Phrases for iPad will provide you with the tools and know-how to make your trip, vacation or journey the most memorable yet!

How it Works

The phrases selected for this series are the most useful travel phrases as determined by a frequency of use analysis. In addition, the topics and cultural insight are also the result of careful research on up-to-date topics. This process has enabled us to bring you the most practical and up-to-date collection of phrases for iPad.

Listen to the lessons, read the notes and practice with the additional audio files. By the time you touch down at your destination, you'll be speaking like the locals!


60 Complete language lessons. Each lesson includes:
- Lesson Description detailing the background of the lesson and the grammatical focus
- Main Audio Track (approx. 3-5 minutes). Listen to the lesson dialog and master the vocabulary and grammar point as your two expert teachers guide you through the lesson
- Line-by-Line Audio. Master listening comprehension and understanding of the dialog
- Review Track (approx. 2 minutes). Master lesson-specific vocabulary and phrases
- Vocabulary List. Learn new vocabulary and pronunciation with the audio playback tool
- Expansion Sentences with audio to reinforce sentence structure and introduce new words
- Grammar Point. Detailed explanation of the focal point of the lesson written by expert teachers
- Cultural Insight to increase your talking points and knowledge when speaking with Thai speakers