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Introduction to Cantonese for iPad



Fascinated by Cantonese? Don't know where to begin? Introduction to Cantonese for iPad is the place to start. Learn everything there is to know about the language, its history and its speakers. Get simple, fun, yet practical lessons at your pace. This introductory App will teach you the basics such as the writing system, grammar, pronunciation, important phrases and cultural tips! Waste no time and jump into Cantonese. Introduction to Cantonese for iPad takes your hand and walks you through Cantonese

How it Works

Our native Cantonese hosts introduce you to Cantonese the fun and simple way. Get started with the basics such as writing, grammar, numbers and important phrases. Also, learn conversational lessons and practical Cantonese you need in every day life. Lessons cover key vocabulary, phrases, grammar and cultural insight to get you ready to speak after the first lesson! The iPad interface organizes all the lesson components for you in an easy to use way.

Don't worry – we've made Cantonese simple! Just listen, read along, and repeat after the native speaker to practice proper pronunciation.


26 Complete language lessons. Lessons include:
- Lesson Description detailing the background of the lesson and the grammatical focus
- Main Audio Track (approx. 10-15 minutes). Listen to the lesson dialogue and master the vocabulary and grammar point as your two expert teachers guide you through the lesson
- Line-by-Line Audio. Master listening comprehension and understanding of the dialogue
- Review Track (approx. 2 minutes). Master lesson-specific vocabulary and phrases
- Vocabulary List. Learn new vocabulary and pronunciation with the audio playback tool
- Expansion Sentences with audio to reinforce sentence structure and introduce new words
- Grammar Point. Detailed explanation of the focal point of the lesson written by expert teachers
- Cultural Insight to increase your talking points and knowledge when speaking with Cantonese speakers