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Homeschool Language Learning: Learn the Fast, Fun & Easy Way

At Innovative Language, you get the world’s largest library of audio and video lessons made by real teachers. Your lessons focus on real life communication and can be studied anywhere, anytime and on any device. With over 1 billion lesson downloads and more than 12 years of publishing, you’re learning with a proven, time-tested system.

Here’s Why It’s Perfect for Homeschoolers

Real Lessons by Real Teachers

The Innovative Language Learning System has a strong focus on audio and video-based lessons that teach Language with an innovative approach. Each lesson breaks down real situations and provides analysis of language used. Students can easily comprehend and immediately apply their knowledge to the real world.

Middle School & High School Programs*

You get everything you need to learn a language

The Programs consist of lessons and tools that guide students from “knowing zero” to speaking a new language. Course content includes: Audio/Video Lessons, Lesson Notes, Assignments and Study Tools.

Middle School Program - 2 Years

  • Middle School 1-4
  • 4 Semesters of Lessons
  • 1 Semester is 20 Weeks (2 hours per week)

High School Program - 3 Years

  • High School 1-6
  • 6 Semesters of Lessons
  • 1 Semester is 20 Weeks (4 hours per week)

Course Types

  • 6-month Homeschool (without teacher support) US $150 / semester
  • 12-month Homeschool (without teacher support) US $185 / two semesters
  • 6-month Homeschool PLUS (with teacher support) US $225 / semester
  • 12-month Homeschool PLUS (with teacher support) US $290 / two semesters

*Middle School & High School program available: Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Japanese (Other languages are available on request.)
*Our Middle School and High School programs are mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The CEFR is an internationally recognized standard used to describe language ability on a 6-point scale from A1 for beginners to C2 for mastery. Having our programs mapped to the CEFR makes it easy for your homeschooler to receive recognition for their progress and map their current level to other academic programs and standards, like ACTFL, Common Core, ILR, and college and high school curricula throughout the world.

Get 1-on-1 Access to Your Own Teacher with My Teacher

Want to learn a foreign language with a native-speaking teacher? With “MyTeacher,” you get direct access to one of our on-site instructors. You will receive answers to your questions, corrections and guidance for all language mistakes or challenges, and you will be able to quickly improve your language ability through ongoing assessments and feedback.

With My Teacher, you can...

  • Practice your writing by exchanging messages with your teacher
  • Get ongoing feedback & assessments from your teacher
  • Get weekly assignments tailored to your goals (listening, speaking, reading & writing)
  • Practice speaking skills by recording and sending audio or video clips
  • Receive guidance on how to best use our Learning Program, and more!

Learn Faster with Over a Dozen Time-Saving Study Tools

Access in-depth lesson notes, memory boosting flashcards, pronunciation perfection tools, wordlists and other resources that will cut your study time in half.

Flashcards: Drill vocab from lessons, word lists, and My Word Bank with our sophisticated flashcards system
Line-by-Line Audio: Follow lessons at your own pace, line-by-line
Voice Recording Tool: Compare your voice to a native speaker’s with the easy-to-use interactivevoice recorder
Word Lists: Core word lists detail the most frequently used words and phrases
Lesson Quizzes: Consolidate what you learn with lesson quizzes
Assessments: Get a personal assessment by one of our highly experienced Japanese specialists.

Track & Monitor Your Student’s Learning Progress & Engagement

Want to view your homeschooler progress? With our admin panel, you can view, track, measure and monitor the activity for any number of students – from their overall progress down to the details of the last lesson they studied.

More specifically, you can...

  • Monitor how much time they spend on lessons per day
  • Track the number of lessons and flashcards studied
  • View the activity stream of the lessons they’ve completed
  • View individual statistics or the progress of your team as a whole
  • Track overall progress with dynamic progress charts in Learning Path
  • View assessment scores

Monitor Everyone with one Admin Account

Easily see all student activity from one place – there is no need to log-in to separate places to view separate teams.

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