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Pocket - Japanese Beginner 1-10



Are you ready to master a language on your iPhone or iTouch in just minutes a day? You are about to experience the evolution of language learning! Never before has learning a language been so fun, fast or easy. You’ll be speaking Japanese within just minutes of the very first lesson, and our interactive language experience will keep you engaged and locked in! The progress you make with Pocket Japanese will utterly shock and amaze your friends, family, colleagues, and teachers.

How it Works

Pocket Japanese gives you all of the benefits of a state of the art language lab right on your iPhone or iPod Touch! With Pocket Japanese you’ll rapidly master listening skills, reading, speaking, pronunciation, and even vocabulary, phrases, and grammar! You’ll quickly improve on every aspect of language learning. This is a complete package! You will be speaking from the first lesson, and reading and conversing after just a few more.


10 complete language lessons, each lesson includes:
★ Lesson Description detailing the background of the lesson and the grammatical focus
★ Main Audio Track (approx. 5-7 minutes) to listen to the lesson dialogue and master the vocabulary and grammar point as your two expert teachers guide you through the lesson
★ Line-by-Line Audio to master listening comprehension and understanding of the dialogue
★ Review Track (approx. 2 minutes) to master lesson-specific vocabulary and phrases
★ Vocabulary List to master the vocabulary and pronunciation with the voice recording tool
★ Vocabulary Flashcards to quiz yourself on vocabulary and phrases from the lesson
★ Expansion Sentences with audio to reinforce sentence structure and introduce new words
★ Grammar Point, a detailed explanation of the focal point of the lesson written by expert teachers
★ Cultural Insight to increase your talking points and knowledge when speaking with others
Available in 9 languages
Afrikaans Arabic Bulgarian
Cantonese Chinese Croatian
Czech Danish Dutch
English (UK) English (US) Filipino
Finnish French German
Greek Hebrew Hindi
Hungarian Indonesian Italian
Japanese Korean Malaysian
Mongolian Nepali Norwegian
Persian Polish Portuguese
Portuguese (Brazil) Romanian Russian
Serbian South Vietnamese Spanish
Spanish (Costa Rican) Spanish (Iberian) Spanish (Mexican)
Spanish (Peruvian) Swahili Swedish
Thai Turkish Ukrainian
Urdu Vietnamese