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DragonDian is the ultimate dictionary

DragonDian is a living-breathing dictionary with new, up-to-date words constantly being added. It is the Ultimate Chinese-English/English-Chinese dictionary designed specifically for the iPhone/iTouch, as you can use your touch screen to draw characters with your finger and easily search.

Effortlessly read newspapers, magazines, signs, billboards, the Internet... the possibilities are endless. Draw in a character and the return search will display the Simplified and Traditional characters, plus the pinyin, meaning and part of speech!

DragonDian is the ultimate dictionary, as it is powerful enough for fluent speakers, yet practical enough for those just getting started. It is the first and only dictionary you will ever need, period!

What makes DragonDian superior to other dictionaries?

In it is not just 160,000+ words and phrases, but rather the rich content of the up-to-date words, slang, strong words (yes, swear words), idiomatic expressions and more.

If you're looking for medical and legal terms, this is not the dictionary for you.

If you're looking for up-to-date words and phrases used by students studying in China, travelers, and the average Chinese person, then this is definitely the dictionary for you!

Tired of dictionaries that don't have up-to-date words?

Entries were added on the day of submission to iTunes! This is the most up-to-date dictionary you can own. Your Chinese friends and colleagues will be utterly amazed that you know words you're not supposed to! Slang, strong words, colloquial expressions... This dictionary is your key to every word and phrase you ever wanted to know. And it's all on your iPhone or iTouch.

Okay, time to get technical for the linguists out there. ;)

* Results appear in Simplified Chinese side-by-side Traditional Characters! This way of displaying results will allow you to master both writing systems! This is every serious student's dream come true.

In addition, this long list of features makes this dictionary stand out from the rest:

Finally, if you're looking to pass time, the "Random" button is the ideal way to learn "random" words. Simply click the button and let our dictionary do the rest.

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