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Online Language School - Innovative Language Learning - Celebrates Impressive Milestone - Over 65 Million Podcast Downloads

NEW YORK, July 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovative Language Learning, LLC, an online learning language school,, is quietly emerging as one of the leaders in the global arena of online learning systems with the release of their newest, remarkable milestone: over 65 million language lesson podcasts have been downloaded by students across the world.

While there are more recognizable online language schools, Innovative Language Learning (ILL) says the reason for their success is simple. "We spend our money on actually making quality content and next to nothing on marketing. Most of our marketing has been word-of-mouth from our enthusiastic client base," said Peter Galante, CEO, ILL. "There are hundreds of thousands of students taking advantage of learning a foreign language for free!"

Innovative Language Learning provides practical, real-life audio and video podcast lessons in 16 languages in an interactive learning experience on PCs, iPods, mobile devices, MP3 players and social networks. The lessons are offered at various levels, from free to subscription-based services.

The company invests heavily in native-speaking teaching experts and voice personalities and lessons are produced in the country of origin; classes are focused on traditional teaching methods such as listening, reviewing, speaking, testing and questioning said language. Understanding that language is inseparable from culture, there is a heavy emphasis on culture-rich lessons, from incorporating culture on table manners to business etiquette; the result: fun and interesting podcasts that students from ages 8 to 72 are downloading at a frenzied pace.

Dedicated students are blogging about ILL's services. "I researched all over the Internet and found you guys! I always check out your website every time you release a new episode. I am DEFINITELY one of your biggest fans," said 12-year-old Zach Espiritu, Philippines.

Expat Julie Mitchell, currently living in Japan and studying Japanese, said, "Your site is a great value and if someone didn't have access to Japanese instruction this would give them an opportunity to study. I've used Rosetta Stone, but your site is BY FAR the best instruction I've come across so far!"

Headquartered in Tokyo with offices in NYC, ILL is an on-demand language training company bringing fun and effective daily lessons to a worldwide listening base. Founded in 2005, ILL currently averages over 3 million audio downloads per month. Visit or call 1.877.258.8170.

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"These podcasts offer a painless and FREE way to bone up on the language and culture in a relevant, real world way that you won't get in a class room or on a CDROM."
Brian Heater, PC Magazine