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Start speaking from the first lesson with iBooks. Pick up culture as you learn daily conversation the fun way. Audio lessons and lesson notes downloadable and ready for your iPod, iPhone or iPad.

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Learn the Alphabet: Talking ABC Animals (Enhanced Version)

Talking ABC Cards ebook for the iPad will keep your child’s attention while they absorb the alphabet.

Learn English - Beginner English. Volume 1

Level 3: Lessons 1-25. Beginner English teaches you more modern conversation and grammar.

Learn English - Intermediate English: Volume 1

Level 4: Lessons 1-25. Beginner English teaches you more modern conversation and grammar.

Visual Dictionary English

Explore 26 scenarios and learn over 550 practical English vocabulary words with this powerful e-book dictionary.

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Learn English - Advanced English: Volume 2

Level 5: Lessons 1-25. Close to fluency? Master Advanced English grammar, conversation, and words!

Learn English - Survival Phrases English (Enhanced Version)

Perfect for Travelers! Learn essential travel phrases, cultural insights and travel tips! Lessons 1-60 with Audio.

Learn English - Word Power 2001

Master 2001 of the most frequently used English vocabulary words!

Learn English - Gengo WordPower 500

Rapidly master 500 of the most frequently used words and phrases!

Free Books See All >

Kids vs Fire: Where Did Fire Come From?

Are your kids curious about hard concepts like fire? This book will help your child understand.

Kids vs Cats: How to & How Not to Play with Cats (epub version)

Show your kids the do’s and don’ts of playing with their cat pals with this 44-page book.

Kids vs Rain: Where Does Rain Come From? (epub version)

Curious questions by curious kids answered. This science-based story helps kids understand the water cycle the easy way.

Kids vs Snow: Where Does Snow Come From? (Enhanced Version)

Where does snow come from? This book will help give your child an easy to understand answer.
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