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Master 10 Cantonese Words a Day or 3,650 Words a Year! Rapidly build your vocabulary and perfect your pronunciation! MyWords is a completely new way to quickly learn and remember 10 vocabulary words a day. The fast pace at which you will master new words, with proper pronunciation, will absolutely amaze your friends, colleagues, teachers and family. What makes MyWords so effective? It's fun, easy to use, and works everyday

How it Works

Each day, you will be presented with 10 new words and their definitions. Listen to a native speaker pronounce the word again and again. Record your own voice. Save the file in your own personal wordbank to study it offline. Quiz yourself with a matching game. 10 words a day is the perfect pace to improve your Cantonese vocabulary. Get started right away with MyWords.


Today's Words: 10 essential words and phrases automatically updated daily (requires an Internet connection).
Review: See a side-by-side list of words and their meaning.
Listen: Hear proper pronunciation by a native speaker.
Perfect your Pronunciation: Record yourself saying a word, and play it back for comparison with the native speaker. Perfect your pronunciation in minutes!
Matching Quiz: Test your knowledge by matching all the words to their meanings. How fast can you match them all?
Word Bank: Master difficult or useful words with your personalized Word Bank by saving difficult or useful words with pronunciation to review every time you use your Android device, even when you have no Internet connection.
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